Friday, August 11, 2017

EDP is done

I heard today through the grapevine that Effetre's famous/notorious/love to hate 254 Purple (Orchid) - otherwise known as EDP - Evil Devitrifying Purple - is done. There will be no more. Whatever scraps you have of it - hang on to them - because Effetre will not be making anymore.

The way I heard it is that changes to regulations prevent them from melting one of the key ingredients - so they will not be able to produce it.

So - enjoy what you have folks! All those cool reactions w turquoise and other colours - all that will go too.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Bullseye 1120 Sunshine Yellow

I've been pretty unhappy with the latest batch of Effetre transparent striking yellow I have. It is hard to strike, bubble like crazy, and strikes unevenly. Normally - some variation in the striking doesn't bother me - but that's for intense colours. Yellow needs to be punch and intense - otherwise, it's just pale amber.

Given that I'm working a single colour at a time, compatibility isn't my issue, I thought I would try some Bullseye.

The unworked rod of Bulleye 1120 is an uninspiring pale colour. But it strikes up easily and beautifully into an intense, sunny yellow. And when I say "easily" - I mean - it just does it with the heating and reheating and you don't have to think about it at all.

There was also very little of the cloudy opacity that can develop in the striking transparent colours, but, on the other hand - I'm not working them that hard. 

 Slight opacity at the tip of the drop. Very slight.

I'd say this is a lovely yellow and a completely acceptable substitution for me.

But remember - Bullseye is 90 COE and NOT compatible with your 104 COE glasses.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Pet Peeves about Bead Release Containers

I like a long dip. A deep dip. I like to be able to make long or wide beads, or multiple beads on a mandrel.

And, unless you buy the really big bottle - you can't get a long dip. And that's not a good idea, because the darn stuff dries out. You can re-hydrate it if you catch it before it goes completely hard, but that's a pain to do.

So I pour mine into this old orange juice bottle. I get a nice long dip on the mandrel without needing so much bead release. And you know what - it doesn't dry out in there either.

Why? Because it was designed to store liquids. Because if you bought orange juice and half of it had evaporated and you had to add water - you'd be p'd off.

Yeah - I know to store the bottle upside down - you know what - they are still not airtight.

So, here's my question, how come the manufacturers of bead release have not figured this out?
A - a thinner jar. B - airtight container.

It's not friggin' rocket science.

I'm not naming names here - you all are doin' it.

end of rant. Thank you for listening. ;-)

Friday, June 23, 2017

Zoozii Presses

Have you looked at the Zoozii website lately? I know I hadn't - I just cruised over there looking up some pricing, and damn - have they ever done a nice job! Nice samples and presentation and pdfs explaining how to use.